A little idea became a wonderful surprise for an amazing lady!



Recently one hot night, it was too hot to sew or do anything apart from see what was happening on Facebook. Whilst doing my usual look I found a post from other in a group called Nanny Swapz asking our admin when her birthday was. We knew it was in February but the date eluded us. After a few nudges our lovely lady gave us her birthday.

I began chatting with Ineke another friend from this group. One thing lead to another and I said I think I will send a real card for Nanny’s birthday and Ineke was feeling the same. We continued throwing ideas around and then decided we had to invite others to send her a card also, I suggested to Ineke that it would be fabulous if we could make a quick 9 patch block up to put within the card. we were both thinking quicker than our brains could keep up. Ineke said that she would try and msg these other group members if I could help her, I said no problem. We had decided we would try and get as many people to help make Nanny’s birthday as special as we could.

So the next morning when I awoke I realised the easiest way to get this happening was to make a new group on Facebook called Nanny’s birthday love, so I set to work making the group and then adding as many people I could to the group. Ineke came on board and added as many as she could and then we started messaging others to come on over and help Nanny celebrate. Our mission had begun.

I would like to explain a little about Nanny. Not only does she admin some pages and groups on facebook she co-ordinates fabric swaps between a couple of her groups. She also sews for charities and makes pillowcases for oncology wards for children, she also asks for help to make some of these to be given to the children to bring a bit of happiness to there lives. Recently she coordinated and called on our help to make blocks to make quilts for fire victims of New South Wales. This was a massive effort with her mailbox full often with items but never anything that she can keep for herself.

This all happened on a weekend, the first of the mail arrived in Nanny’s mailbox in the middle of the next week, her birthday was the following Sunday. Nanny has received almost 50 cards and blocks just for her. We have all tried to sign our blocks and write the date and surprise on each block. Nanny will be putting these blocks together to make a quilt for herself.

I am so thankful for chatting with Ineke on that hot Saturday night, I have gained a new friend and we have managed to unite a lot of like minded people to do a good deed for a very lovely lady