Where have I been hiding?


Well good afternoon!

I can not believe it has been 6 weeks without me really blogging here and finishing this quilt blog post!  Life has become so busy of late I am not sure I even know what sleep is.                                    

Star Fusion being quilted!

I will complete the blog for The Bakers dozen block of the month in the next few days.  My work schedule has me now working five days so it only leaves me with two days off to do all of the mundane things.  I must admit i have achieved quite a few things in the last few weeks.  I will just give you a few photos in this blog post to do a catch up.

This will be one of the last blogs I will do on here as I am finding I am unable to do them on my iPad as blogger is not doing any upgrades for that medium.  I will move my blog to my website.  I have done one blog here to find out how it looked and I was very pleased with the result.  I will continue to leave links to the new posts here.  Therefore people will still be able to see what I am doing and not miss out on anything.

There is one thing I will be completing today that I am unable to show you until it is presented to the owners.

Without any further delay here is a few photos of my achievements and we will catch up over the next few days.   Beware the posts might just happen quicker than we expect.

beginning of quilting on star fusion background
the background and a star quilted
attaching binding and flange

ready to sew all the binding down
preparation of corner

star fusion complete
An apron of my design collected first prize for machine made article

A cushion sample for Creative Club at Palm Beach Quilting
progress of Platyswanning quilt

more progress

in the hoop

almost complete
Platyswanning on display at Australian Textile Exhibition
entry for Australian Textile Exhibition Great Asutralian Bag Competition
on display at exhibition in Cranbourne
Sample of the iron on diamante transfer for Trimmings and Remnants Pakenham

So I hope you all enjoy this and I am now enjoying my free motion quilting so I am hoping of finish quite a few UFOs in the near future.   If you are nearby the Cranbourne botanical Gardens this week stop by and look at all the lovelies on display.

Until a few days time
Have fun and stay creative

Part 1- lets piece the blocks the Bakers Dozen Square Dance!


How did you all like the Bom quilt which I have called the Bakers Dozen Square Dance?

Now I will give you a break down of the strips for sashing and how I joined it all together.  Please don’t be overwhelmed.  It looks complicated, but let me reassure you, that it is not really hard, we just need to take our time and do this in an order.
 (If you do not wish to set it out like this you could sash in uniform way and use the extra 9 patches to make the border with)

I did lay this all out and move the blocks several times to achieve the right effect (with hubbies help) of my blocks and colours.   I suggest you place the house block central as I have, why?  I feel this draws the eye to the centre of the quilt then allows our  eyes drift around all of our other blocks.  It’s a bit like the saying all roads lead to home.

You need to join the extra 9 patches made from the December blog as follows to form 4 x 12.5″ square blocks and 6 12.5″ x 6.5″ rectangle blocks.  These are fillers.  

For the sashing strips cut 2.5″ width of fabric.  We need 25 strips to make the sashing and the inner border.  Cut the following from the light grey border (or whichever colour you prefer)
1 x 42.5″ length
1 x 34.5″
2 x 28.5″
3 x 26.5″
7 x 20.5″
Using some of the ends from the previous strips and some of the other strips cut
14 x 12.5″

then you should have 7 strips which can be used for the inner border.

From the dark grey fabric cut  4 x 6.5″ squares

We can now start to assemble the quilt.  Clear a space or use a design wall.  I use a floor as I haven’t set up my design wall.

this was my initial layout before I moved the house and played with all of the 9 patches

I have labeled the sections and will explain each one in the following steps


Join the following Sections with a 12.5″ strip.  

note:- *Press all seams towards the sashing!

Firstly do section A, B, C, D, E, F, G, placing a 12.5″ strip between the monthly Bom and the little 9 patch fillers.

Onto section F place an extra 12.5″ strip on the outside of the 9 patch fillers

Secondarily, do section I and J making these into long pieces as in the picture.

this is a quick overview of this section which we will piece together soon

Ok our next part of completing this top is to piece some of these sections together.  So on the top of A and B we will sew a 20.5″ strip,  then sew both of these pieces together. Then to the left outside of this unit we sew the 28.5″.  Place this piece away for later

this is section A and B now know as AB

Next sew the 20.5″ to C, E, F and G.

 Sew the 34.5″ strip to inner part of section I as per the photo
Sew the 42.5″ strip to the inner part of J as per the photo

overview of all the sections joined into units to make the complete top

Now your top should be looking a bit like this.  I have separated them all so you can get the idea of how all of the units are coming together.

top section of quilt.  

Now this will end our Part one.  The next section we will deal with the partial seams and the final part of the border.  If you wish you may like to cut your border out.  I cut my strips at 5.75″ width of fabric.  I used 8 strips as to do this.  I plan on giving you part 2 for the final part of this process by Friday so you can all do a lot over the weekend as I know a lot of you put your weekends away to quilt the days away.   I am trying to find time to write this as clear as I can after work so I feel this is the best solution for us all.

Please let me know how you are all finding this challenge.  Remember I will be doing a row by row this year but feel I should wait until April to start.  I really need to complete a few things and this will give me time to get a fair amount of it together in writing anyway.   
So I wish you all the very best for this week and enjoy piecing this part of the quilt together.  Plus remember this is your quilt so you may piece it a standard piecing of sashing or just join them as they are if that is how you wish to do it.  
have a good creative week,

Lets do a Happy Dancing with the Penguins!

Bakers Dozen Square Dance! – BOM 2016 Reveal!


Bakers Dozen Square Dance!

Well It is together!  Thanks to all who have played along this year!  I have been called into work a day early so I will give you the reveal now and let you get your sashing and border fabric out and cut into strips.   

Tonight I will give you the breakdown and how to get this together.
all of our blocks   

Now you will remember the spit 9 patch, it was bothering me, so I went and made a new one

redone block!

Now I was happy with this result so I replaced it in the mix!

before the replacement of the split 9 patch

starting of arranging of the blocks

final arrangement of the blocks in the quilt

Finally together just before the setting sun, so outside to get a photo for you all of it hanging on the line without the borders!

together without boxers

Then after a little bit of work during the night and some sleep, a quick photo before going to work of the top outside on the line with the borders this time!

Ta Da!

Bakers Dozen Square Dance Quilt!

You will need 1.35 mts or 1.5 yds of light grey for sashing, 8″ strip of dark grey and 1.2 mts or 1 1/3 and a little bit for the outside border.

well I must bid you good bye and get to work on time!  you may cut your light grey into 2.5″ strips and you will need 21 strips for the sashing.  
Our quilt measures 71.5″ x 85″  and I can’t wait to get it all quilted.
Until tonight have a great day 
ps don’t forget to leave a comment!  🙂

9 Patch Update for the Bom Bakers Dozen 2016


 Happy New Year!

Well it has been a bit warm here today!  We reached 36 degs celcius.  My plan was to sew most of the day but I did have to help hubby do a few things outside, so sewing was interrupted.  So I will show you the progress with my final post tomorrow with the top being completed! 
I start by placing all my 9 patches out like this ready for webbing together

I then start sewing them
I take them off the pile from the left and chain piece
progress photo
all blocks webbed and pressed ready to sew into the blocks

some blocks complete
28 blocks complete and pressed

So now these are all done I am very happy.  I have cut all of the hand pieced blocks but yet to cut all of the 28, 9 patch blocks but that should happen tomorrow and these will be all bagged up to do during my lunch time etc at work.  I am very excited to show you the layout I have come up with.  I will be adding a couple of solids for sashing next so I hope you stay tuned and check back in to the blog tomorrow for an update!

I trust you are having a great start to the New Year!  I am hoping to complete about three small quilts this coming week.  I do have the tops done and they just need basting and quilting so lets see how tomorrow and the rest of the week goes.  
Until tomorrow, have a great night or day whichever it maybe on whichever side of the world you maybe,
have a great creative day!

Yippee! December Block of the month and Christmas bonus


Yippee!  December Block is here with a Christmas Bonus

Hello Everyone!
I am finally back.  I have been on a bit of a piecing frenzy with lots going on and I will try and give you another blog tomorrow to fill you in on some of them.  But lets get to business with the Block of the Month.
Firstly I must thank all of you for being so patient and joining in with the Block of the Month this year.  I am excited how this is coming together.  I will be attempting to complete my hand pieced blocks over the next couple of weeks to get that part of this up to date also.
Right what will we need?  6 fabrics this time and some of them not a real lot, so get the box of fabrics you are using and lets get started.

6 Fabrics are required for this months bom

I have designed a house block using a reformed 9 patch block for us to signify going home for Christmas.  I hope you like what I have done. Let me say that although I worked out my measurements on paper I must have had such a blonde moment as today I had to change the roof and the sides.  So here goes.

Cutting List:-

for sky 2 x 3.5″ squares 
for the roof on 3.5″ x 12.5″ rectangle
for door 3.5″ x 6.5″ rectangles
for walls 3.5″ x 9.5″rectangles and 2 x 3.5″ squares
for windows 2 x 3.5″ squares
and for sides of house 2 x (9.5″ x 2″)
Please note this is it all laid out before I realised the mistakes I made.  But it will give you an idea of what we are doing.  So please bear with me.

house block laid out but will be adjusted
ready to stitch 

No I would like you to stitch the house body first.  Join the window squares to the wall squares to form 2 rectangles.   Press seams to the walls or downward.  We then join these units to either side of the door and press seams towards the centre of the unit.   Finally we will place the upper part of the house unit on to form the front of the house.

House front all joined

It was right here that I realised my initial calculations I had made the roof to high and the sides to wide.  So our final house block will not have a roof looking like this.  Please attach the sides of the house block either side of the house front then we will do the roof.

For the roof, mark a line diagonally through the centre of your sky squares and lay on either end of the roof rectangle.  Sew directly on this line from corner to corner.  Remember to place your pieces of fabric right sides together   We will then cut the excess fabric off and press the triangle outwards on either end to form the roof.   
Lastly we will sew the roof onto the top of the house front and Voila!  here we are ready to go home for Christmas!  You may wish to add a little button for the door handle and another for a bell or just embroider one on.

house block complete

Now lets look at our 12 blocks together from the past year.   I’m really happy with this, but I do like to play with how I layout a quilt.  So I have been looking at fun ways to do this and I have found one.  Now if you would like to make this quilt into a larger quilt and don’t want to add just normal sashing come and make some of our bonus blocks and over the next couple of months I will take you through how I plan to piece this quilt.  I will also catch up on the hand pieced top and continue giving you photos.

Our Twelve Blocks together!

Bonus Block!

Now I did promos a bonus block and for me it is still the humble 9 patch block but this time we will make it only at 6.5″.  This is then known as a 6″ finished block as that is what it will be in the finished quilt.   I plan to use 28 of these blocks with one other fabric and a plain dark grey solid for some small sashing.  

Cutting list:-

from the various fabrics you have left please cut 2.5″ squares and use two fabrics in each consisting of 5 squares of 1 fabric and 4 of the other fabric.  Refer to January 9 patch block, the piecing is the same just the cutting is different
the little humble 9 patch!

Please let me know if you are enjoying this.  I have another planned and am finalising all the details over the next couple of weeks and will let you know about this one.  Due to a few things happening in my personal life with one of my girls becoming engaged I have a few extra things to do so I am planning on doing this when things settle down.  I want to have this all worked out well in advance so that you are all not hanging on a thread for a couple of weeks like which has happened this month.

Also I have come to fine out about this quilt which is going to be put up on the Bernina blog and has been translated from the Netherlands blog.  I am planning to do it so I may learn new skills to enhance my quilt making and sewing.  I figure even just by reading this you may learn a few things about your machines whether they are Berninas or other brands.  I hope you have a read of Sylvia’s Crazy Colours Mystery here
Finally many many thanks and I hope you are all having a wonderful time preparing for Christmas and are not too stressed.  I understand this is not always a happy time for everyone but I challenge you to remember a happy moment in time past and hold on to it and relive it in the best possible way you can.

Until my next post.

Have a wonderful day,


November BOM has arrived

Hello!  Well the long await for the November instalment for Block of the Month is here!  
So much has happened over the last month, I have just finally caught up enough to do this block.  This month I decided to do the spool block and place a 9 patch in the centre for the coloured thread!
So go to the stash and select two tones of fabric for your thread or 9 patch, a background and a contrast!

Cutting Instructions:-

for the 9 patch cut from one fabric, 5 x 2.5″ squares
                                        second fabric, 4 x 2.5″ squares
from background and contrast fabric, cut 2 x (3.5″ x 6.5″) rectangles
                                                             cut 4 half square triangles at 3 7/8″
Once these are cut layout pieces as below:-
laid out ready for stitching

We will web the 9 patch block so we will take the top two squares and join them and then chain piece the next two and then the next two.  Do not cut the joining threads between the the units.  then we proceed to join the next pieces onto them to create the webbed 9 patch leaving us only to join them into one block

webbing of the 9 patch block


Webbed ready to join the three rows to make the block

next join the 6.5″ background to the sides of the block
 background edges joined onto the block on opposite sides

Next we join the half square triangles to make the corner square of the block.  These are then joined to the contrast 6.5″ rectangle taking care to add it in the direction per the initial layout.  Press seams to the contrast fabric

adding the triangle corners to make the spool bottom and top

Press seams to the contrast 

Ready to add the last two rows to make the completed block

And here is our finished Block!  Ta Da!

completed Spool block all press

Here is our blocks so far, now just one to complete the set, I did promise a bonus block and will look into this one this week,  I am not happy with my split nine patch block so I do plan on redoing this one.

The Blocks so far!

So how are you liking this coming together?  If you would like to place this together like I am planning I will give you the heads up to make some 9 patch blocks from your scraps so far.   Use 1.5″ squares  and you will need quite a few,  how many I haven’t decided but I am not going to do the standard way of laying these blocks out in a sashing for a boring outlook but you are quite welcome to do that.  My problem is I like to have a different outlook on this.  

I am also thinking about next year, I have enjoyed doing this block of the month and doing something a little different for you all.  I am wondering if you would like to go on an adventure next year with me?  I am thinking of more like a row by row quilt.  This would mean if you only want a wall hanging that is possible or if you want a large quilt this is still possible.  I will be keeping it simple again as I will not have heaps of time but love to do this and have people join with me.  Now let me know your thoughts over the next few weeks as we wrap up the year.
Anyway, have a great Weekend and I hope to check in with you on Sunday if all goes well.  I have almost finished my Double Wedding Ring Bag Pattern also for all who have been patiently waiting.
So have a wonderful time and catch you real soon,

Little happenings coming to an end!

Its about time I gave you a quick wrap of what I have been up to and what I hope to achieve this week!
Firstly a few things have changed around here in last couple of months.
1. Hubby has been on a break from work
2. Mum has now entered full time care at the local aged care hostel
3.  I have been working
4.  Hubby is going back to work
5.  I have started finalising my glacier star
6.  I will be teaching Shashiko in January Summer School at Sewing connection
7.  Final days of my double wedding ring bag pattern and final bag to test.
8. Been on a road trip to visit my inlays, father in law is in nursing home
9.  Tomorrow my first day at home by myself for ages
10.  I went to National Gallery of Victoria to visit the making of an Australian Quilt Exhition!
11.  Going to start doing some clothing sewing for me
12. Veggie Patch weeded and some plants in for a summer harvest
Shashiko Sample in the making
Auditioning the fabrics for the first borders of the glacier star
centre of glacier star
start of flying geese for glacier star
Spikes for Glacier Star
Fabrics for final of double wedding ring bag
Fabrics for my new leggings

So tomorrow is going to be a day packed full of sewing for me and finalising patterns and working on the website so people can obtain patterns, kits, and special goods made and things to assist you with my patterns.  I am hoping to get your Bom done on time this month and I have lots of ideas going through my head for the coming year.

I hope you have all had a great time whilst I have been away!  
I will be linking to slow stitching Sunday with Kathy to show my progress on my Shashiko that I am finishing tonight.  Have a wonderful day and look out for the upcoming posts on my progress of patterns and goods.
so until next time, 
Keep smiling, creating and having fun.