Gelato is in the hoop!


Oh I am so excited to be able to have this quilt in the frame and be quilting!

About a week ago this wonderful flower featured on my newsfeed of my Facebook.  I was so in love with the design I just new this was the centre to be featured in my quilt.

After completing the front of Gelato I commenced making an Amish Bar type of of backing with the fabrics from the quilt top.

As I had no quilt on my floor frame I decided to take advantage of it last night and use the floor frame to make it easy to baste my miniature.  I attached the layers to the aprons and tensioned it nicely so everything was even and away I went with the basting.

I am using  Emma Louise Fabrics, Aurilfil 28wt Thread and Hobbs Tuscany Wadding 

I then preceded to draw on my design from the flower inspiration which I had drawn on freezer paper and cut out the motif.

I am very happy to report I was able to thread my needle with no hassles and I am using no 12 between a by Bohn and it is just quilting like a dream.  I am extremely happy with how this is coming together.

So this afternoon and evening I am planning on doing more quilting to this little delight, I hope you follow the progress with me as I discover more wonderful patterns to use for Gelato, to make it shine with glory.
All the very best

Well a new quilt on the horizon




I have been wanting to try an Amish inspired quilt for a long time. I just love the use of vibrant colours against the black. A little while ago I was scrolling through Pinterest when I came across Amish quilt front


I was determined to make one of these but wasn’t sure how it would be so, I decided it was time to try a miniature quilt. I visited a shop in Mt Waverley called Somerset Patchwork and they had some lovely Emma Louise Fabric so I purchased 1/2 metre of each fabric. Initially I was thinking I would make an Amish bar but decided I preferred this style more. I really wanted a different colour rather than producing an almost replica quilt. So I purchased 1/2 metre of Tangerine Emma Louise Fabric from Oz quilts one of my favourite online stores.

Then came the tough nutting out of making this miniature so armed with a pencil and a ruler I began to draw the design and workout the cutting measurements. This was then all placed away in a box ready for cutting. On hindsight I should have cut it out then and there as I would have remembered what was cutting size and what was my finished size. Yesterday I cut this out and went to my sewing group only to find out some of it I had cut to big so I needed to cut some of the fabric down and I needed my thinking brain in action. Fortunately I needed to cut it down and not add any.

I proceeded to sew and work on it and came home and finished it last night. I was so delighted that I placed this photo on facebook.


When I received a lovely message from a dear quilting friend who had noticed I had made a mistake, I ask you to look for it, even leave me a comment if you like. So this morning I set out and fixed the mistake.
Now for the backing I checked my fabric and I will make a backing in the style of an Amish or Welsh bar quilt, with the leftover fabrics from the front.

Plan for tomorrow it to baste the quilt after I have place my design on and start my hand quilting. Be sure to look out for coming posts on the quilting. This is certainly going to be a fun project. I am calling this quilt “Gelato”

Until next time have fun and enjoy life,