A busy week to be sure and company in the garden


Hello from my little happy quilting place down under!  How have you all been?  What’s happening in your part of the world?  Read on and see what I have been doing this week.

Tuesday saw a little visit to the Sewing Connection for these beauties.  The pinks and purples will be for my Glacier Star Quilt and the strip and star fabric will be for my border and binding of my mystery that I am sharing with you all here.  Next clue in the morning.  Please note that the first clue did have a mistake and you should have 72 four patch units not 36.  I have edited the blog post but just Incase you have missed my amendment I thought I would just mention it here.

I have been working on my Decades of stars quilt and I am happy with the progress and the way the quilting is bring this quilt to life.

These Little Wattlebird visited the garden for the nectar in this Calistemon and I managed to get a couple photos of them.
They also have a wonderful song and are beautiful to listen to.   I really love my garden the way it attracts these lovelies.

Oh and here are some fabrics from the stash by Denyse Schmidt that will make an appearance in an upcoming quilt which I am excited about and these fabrics are just a tad gorgeous also. I will have some piecing and some applique to do for this quilt and I’m sure you will love it.

Today I have been doing some free motion quilting on this UFO.  So tomorrow I should have another quilt finished.  I am happy that my machine quilting is coming together also.  My first love will always be hand quilting but sometimes time and other constraints make hand quilting not possible.  So I will be happy to be able to create lovely quilts using the machine for these occasions.
This is the entirety of the quilt.  It was a free block of the month I did with a Facebook quilting group about four years ago with my scraps and I finally got these blocks into a top this year and am now completing the quilting and having fun!

So tomorrow morning I will give you the next clue in the mystery.  We will have one more week and then the mystery will be revealed.  I hope you are having as much fun with it as I am.

So tell me how has your week gone?  Have you had a Quilty  week or a relaxing week of something in between.  Leave a comment in the comment box and let me know!  

Until the morning have a great night or day wherever you are in the world.

P.S.  Remember A creative person never gets bored!

Lang Lang Quilt Show 2016 Winners and Highlights


Mini Tour!

Winning Entries

Winning Quilt and Owner by 1 Vote!
this was amazing

Winning All Sort entry and Owner!
Quilt Raffle Winner!
Winning Challenge Block!


My Quilts at Show

Bushman’s City Visits
dedicated to my dad


Hey Grub! Let’s fly a Kite
childhood memory quilt of mine

Girly Whirly News
another of my quilts hanging

Bastille Day Celebrations
Art Quilt I had hanging

Challenge blocks

Other fun Quilts!

partial to a compass block


superb quilting

loved the elephants

As you can see it was a fun time had by all.  I came home and managed to start quilting on my newest quilt to go on the frame.  I will be linking to Kathys Slow Stitching Sunday.  I hope you enjoy the few magic moments on this Mothers day and also the few stitches I can show you.   If you would like to see more quilts I have made the album public for everyone to see all of the quilts in the Quilt show on my Face book page with the Album Lang Lang Quilt show 2016 I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

So I will leave you with the photo of my Hand quilting on Lollipop drops with Aurifil 12 wt thread and using John James Shashiko Needles.  Until next time happy Quilting or Creating and keep smiling


Not just a slow Sunday but a slow week!

Hello to everyone!
I trust you are all as well as you can be and enjoying the weekend!
Last weekend I had a bit of a collision with one of our dogs and went down like a sack of potatoes and last Sunday ended up in ER and recieved a half cast with a diagnosis of soft tissue damage or. Scaphoid Fracture!  Argh!   Was my cry!
Not to be bored out of my brain I decided I could operate the sewing machine and I unearthed my 2.5″ confetti squares.   Some I cut from my scraps some are from my swap group where we swap 49 in an. Envelope once a month during the year.   So I have started on this little top with black and whites and colours!   I have a red and an orange block done
Here is my container with them sorted into lights or low volume and darker and black and whites.
Not long after I started the above blocks hubby asked if I could make him a little quilt to put under some of his work to protect my floor and what he was working on!  So what do you do, stop the quilt top you’re working on and start another!   
Here is the result.  I will quilt this up for him as soon as I can.
On Tuesday I went to my Doctor and he sent me off for a scan on my hand on the Wednesday and I went back to him on the Friday for my result!   He knew I was tired of the cast as it all felt wrong.   So to my relief on my return visit he gave me the all clear of the scaphoid fracture but told me I have ligament damage!   Oh no,  well I know it will take about 6 weeks before I am back to full strength but I do know I can do little bits here and there!
Enter the next confetti quilt, this will have a type of 3D effect with a chain like happening around and through it.

Now for today, I decided I would finsh a couple of quilt tops with borders!

This is a quilt I did with local quilters last year but realised I must get some of the green from Ella Blue to put the final border on!   So off to the quilt shop tomorrow!
Now to cut the border for my wonderful 49th birthday quilt from Kathi!  She found this wonderful quilt for me and gifted it! I am so thankful to her and I’m looking forward to quilting this later in the year!

Here it is!  I think this will be awesome and my mind is contemplating my quilting design now!
So as you can see I would love to be hand quilting but I can only do these sorts of things slowly with lots of breaks for my hand.  I can cut small amounts at the moment for a short time only!
I am so happy to be able to link with Slow stitching Sunday with Kathy take a look at all the eye Candy!
Now it’s your turn, tell me how your week has been and what are you doing this weekend, I’m curious!
Until, a few days time, I hope you enjoy yourself and can be creative!
Take care and remember please say hello!

Trunk show


Welcome to the Wehago Designs Trunk Show! 

Thank you to Whims and Fancies for hosting this link up to the Trunk Show for 2015.  I encourage you all to go and check everyones quilts out here!
Storm at Sea

Storm at sea was made for my youngest daughter for her move from Secondary School to University Study.  I did not finish it until her second year of University.  It measures 93″ x 96″.  I paper pieced this using the Freezer paper method and I hand quilted this with Aurifil 28wt.  She loves it!

Allison’s quilt

This quilt was made for my eldest daughter on her move from Secondary School to University.  she loved pink and green and butterflies.  So this is the quilt I came up with for her.  It is not as big as the other daughters quilt.  And I am in the process of making her a new quilt, it is green and orange with greys.  I am looking forward to finishing it for her next year.

Lana’s Quilt

This was a quilt I made for my niece for her 21st Birthday. This was a very interesting pinwheel design.  I was really please with this. It was a lap size quilt.

Another 21st Quilt

This is a bargello quilt I made for a daughters 21st, I actually made two of these in about 6 weeks as I had two 21st gifts.  I hand quilted these also, just simply to emphasise the flow of the quilt.  Both girls loved their quilts.

Josh’s Swans Quilt

This is another 21st quilt.  This was made this year for my daughters boyfriend who is a Sydney Swans Fan.  I designed the new york beauty block to emulate the Sydney Opera House which is in their emblem.  I made this into a quillow and I hand quilted this with 12 wt thread from Aurifil.  This quilt was quilted in under two weeks and a week to put together.  It was a few days late for gifting.

Moulin Rouge

This little art quilt is part of a competition called One Red Thread.  This is my interpretation of Bastille Day in Paris with the girls from Moulin Rouge out dancing in the streets.

2015 Pantone colour of the year quilt

This is my Pantone entry for 2015.  I hand quilted this quilt and I call it Time Warp.  I have used reproduction fabrics but pieced it modern and heavily quilted it with 28wt Aurifil thread to emulate a 3D pattern in the hexagon with background like pebbles

Hexagon Royale
Hey Grub! lets fly a kite!

These last two where also using the hexagon trim tool by creative grids like Time Warp.  I love this tool and am always thinking of more ways I can experiment with it.  Both of these quilts were machine quilted by myself

Charm Dance

This quilt was made for someone special to help cheer her up and give her comfort as she has some health issues.  I made this within a week.  2 days to piece it and 5 days to quilt it.  I hand quilted this with 12 wt Aurifil.  I used a large daisy and just quilted a swirly vine between the flowers

Snuggle/floor play quilt

in the snuggle ready for baby

This quilt was made and machine quilted by me also.  This was made for a new born and it has room for her as she grows and needs to play on the floor.  Her mum adores it as uses it all the time.

Thanks again

Many thanks for stopping by and checking out my trunk show.  If you would like to keep up with me and find out about my special quilts which I will be doing in the near future,  just hit the subscribe buttons on the blog side.  Once again have fun and I will catch you next time.


Found my way out of the sewing area to blog!

A big hello to all and sundry!

I am sorry I haven’t blogged for ages.  I have been a bit under the weather with sickness but I still have managed to do some sewing.  I thought it was time to give you a few photos and explanation of what I have been doing.

a few buntings

I have been making buntings and a few other things for sale.  These are available from my local newsagent but I will also be setting up a website which you can purchase some of my items from.  I am hoping to have the website up and running by end of this month.  As well as specialising in different buntings I have been making some fun aprons also.  i am sure these will make fun gifts for the up coming season.

Hanging ready for use
waiting to be used
A new quilt for my daughter

Another new quilt for a friend

I have managed to do a few things and I have more to show you in the next blog with the updates on both of these quilts.  Until next time enjoy your day.

Keep smiling and quilting

Binding Tutorial

I have had a few requests on how I do my bindings so I thought the easiest way was to do a blog post with lots of photos to show my process.  I hope this helps.  I will be posting a few more of these sorts of tutorials up in the coming future of different sections of the quilt making process.  So sit back and take a scroll of this binding!

Start anywhere along a side leaving a tail of about 6″

sew 1/4″ seam stopping 1/4″ from the quilt edge with needle down and pivot
Sew out to the corner and end thread
should look like this
then fold your binding up like this and then back over itself to form the mitre
This is how it should look before continuing to sew this side
Continue to sew this side in the same manner and repeat the corner as in previous
do this for each side

continue sewing until 10″ from meeting your starting point
end thread and layout flat on a table and let the ends overlap

with a pin mark your cutting points ensuring you have a 2.5″ overlap

trim ends accordingly

should look like this

open out lefthand side of binding like this

bring righthand side binding like this towards you

twist righthand side binding like this

open righthand side binding like this

Place over lefthand side binding pin and mark sewing line

sew diagonal to form join

sewn join

open and press and trim to look like this

fold back and sewn down to edge of quilt

fold over and corner will form a mitre

hold with clips and using a blind slip stitch attach to the back of your quilt.

I hope this helps you understand the binding process.  Be on the lookout for more little tutorials like this one to help with little processes of the making of your quilts.

Until next time have fun quilting and enjoy the whole process!


Rainbow 9 patches to rid the blues!


Next scrap heap challenge!

If you have been following my blog for awhile then I am sure you are familiar with the different projects I take on.  This is my most recent challenge, to rid the scraps and have a stash.  
Nine patch from my scrap heap

The last few weeks have seen my time taken away a little as things have changed in the household, I now have my mum living with me as she has been unwell.  So the need to get organised has become a true reality.  So yesterday as I was trying to sort my scraps and cut them into charms and 2.5″ squares for future use, I took a little time out to speak to a friend across the other side of the world to she how she was doing.  She told me she had two tubs of scraps that needed sorting.  It was overwhelming for her to even think about it.  I suggested rTher than sorting it, why not do a block a day.  I even suggested that I could do it with her.  So we decided on a 9 patch block and she picked the first colour  and it is red.  So this morning hen I rose and after breakfast I made my 9 patch block and posted it via a msg to her,  We have another friend joining us also.  So each day we will pick a colour and make s 9 patch from that colour. Then we will share it between ourselves.  
This morning after I had made the block I shared it in a group on Facebook and a few of the members there have decided to give this ago to get them out of a slump.  My friend actually made 5 today.  I am wondering if any of you would like to join?  I will post tn colour for the day on my Wehago Designs Facebook page and on my ?Wehago Designs on IG.  I will #Rainbow 9 Patches rid the blues! 
Today was red and tomorrow will be blue.  
Charity Quilt

The above quilt is made by a group I attend on Tuesday’s. Once a month we make charity quilts by QAG method.  The. We take the blocks home and assemble the quilt.  All the fabrics have been donated.  We then donate them to our local district nurse for distribution of they are given to the local nursing home.

My tub of 2.5″ squares ready for piecing

Would love to know if you would like to join with me to make these blocks.  Anyway until next time have lots of fun quilting.

All the very best with your needle and thread,