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Well a new quilt on the horizon




I have been wanting to try an Amish inspired quilt for a long time. I just love the use of vibrant colours against the black. A little while ago I was scrolling through Pinterest when I came across Amish quilt front


I was determined to make one of these but wasn’t sure how it would be so, I decided it was time to try a miniature quilt. I visited a shop in Mt Waverley called Somerset Patchwork and they had some lovely Emma Louise Fabric so I purchased 1/2 metre of each fabric. Initially I was thinking I would make an Amish bar but decided I preferred this style more. I really wanted a different colour rather than producing an almost replica quilt. So I purchased 1/2 metre of Tangerine Emma Louise Fabric from Oz quilts one of my favourite online stores.

Then came the tough nutting out of making this miniature so armed with a pencil and a ruler I began to draw the design and workout the cutting measurements. This was then all placed away in a box ready for cutting. On hindsight I should have cut it out then and there as I would have remembered what was cutting size and what was my finished size. Yesterday I cut this out and went to my sewing group only to find out some of it I had cut to big so I needed to cut some of the fabric down and I needed my thinking brain in action. Fortunately I needed to cut it down and not add any.

I proceeded to sew and work on it and came home and finished it last night. I was so delighted that I placed this photo on facebook.


When I received a lovely message from a dear quilting friend who had noticed I had made a mistake, I ask you to look for it, even leave me a comment if you like. So this morning I set out and fixed the mistake.
Now for the backing I checked my fabric and I will make a backing in the style of an Amish or Welsh bar quilt, with the leftover fabrics from the front.

Plan for tomorrow it to baste the quilt after I have place my design on and start my hand quilting. Be sure to look out for coming posts on the quilting. This is certainly going to be a fun project. I am calling this quilt “Gelato”

Until next time have fun and enjoy life,









My Pantone Colour of the year quilt



Well what a lot of fun I had entering the Pantone Colour of the year quilt challenge hosted by and
winners were announced and although I didn’t win I had enormous fun and challenged myself in the best use of the colour.

I would like to thank Origami Star and Cross for allowing the use of this block in this competition.



For this quilt the following fabrics were used:-
Kona Bay 2013 design shade 09
VIP Cranston Print Works ?Could Village 1 2011
VIP Cranston Snakeskin purple 2010

I had one very huge week completing this top for the competition, since last week lots has been happening and I will reveal new projects very soon, but if you would like to take a look at a few things check out the comings and goings over at Wehago Designs a few blocks for my new quilt

Anyway until next time

Happy quilting







Pantone colour of the year quilt challenge



What a delight to find out the challenge was of fabric already waiting to be made into a quilt top. I am glad gave the chance to make my quilt top

Thank you to Marcia Hohn from quilters cache for allowing me to use her

Here is my submission for quilt top which is 72″ x 45″

thanking you Wendy Gontier

Beginning another quilt for pantone colour of the year challenge



I have begun the challenge! I love a challenge and when I discovered that this was to include this colour I was excited. Reason being is I already had the fabric for this challenge. I was planning on making a quilt from this colour. Fabric was just sitting on my shelf!

So the search was then on to fine the perfect block to highlight my fabric, I searched high and low over the internet and in my resources at hand. I eventually found the perfect design from quilters cache. So after a quick email and confirmation that I could use Marcia Hohn’s block I began the workings of the fabric placement.

Now time is drawing near and I need to have this top made this week. I cut all of the pieces bar the centre square as I am not convinced of which fabric to use. So with every other piece cut I am about to head to the sewing machine with tray in hand to create.


Hope you can check back in tomorrow and watch my progress

Have a great day


Storm at sea quilt progress


I starting planning on making this quilt for my daughter who was in her final year of secondary school around this time last year. I was madly gathering fabrics and researching how to do this quilt, the options are almost endless.

Firstly I consulted Heather and we decided on greens and blues and the design was to include a heart in the centre of the quilt. I began the search for the pattern which lead me to for the pattern. I then found another site which included lots of variations of the design by the placement of your colour, they also had a doodle sheet. So with this in hand I printed off a few copies and retrieved the derwent pencils and off I went as though I was back in kindergarten experimenting again. It was great, I was able to work our different colours to be used and how to do the heart. I then proceeded to gather more fabric as I now new what I was doing thanks to


I was finally started sewing this quilt. I was using freezer paper foundation method. I had done the heart for the centre and was working on the rest of the quilt, I was quite happy with the heart and when Heather saw it she decided the quilt needed four more hearts in the corners, well I had only calculated enough fabric for one heart so off to the shops again. I had purchased the two fabrics for the hearts from two different stores, both not too far away luckily. So with enough heart fabric in hand I continued making blocks for the quilt. The size had been determined with one heart and once we decided to add the other four hearts we realised it would look strange if it didn’t have an equal amount of distance between the hearts within and around the border of the quilt. At this stage I thought I had cut enough fabric….but no I hadn’t so back to the cutting table again. I would continue making quilt blocks.



It was obvious that I didn’t have floor space large enough to lay this quilt out, but by now Heather had finished her final year at school and had received a very good atar score which would enable her to get into Melbourne University to study Bachelor of Arts. So the hunt was now on for her and her sister to find a house to rent in the suburbs of Melbourne. It only took a couple of weeks to find a house. Because Heather was now in Melbourne I could use her floor space in her bedroom, it worked but still wasn’t really big enough. By this time I knew I needed 399 blocks and the final third of the quilt after all of the hearts were made became a jigsaw with the colour placement, when I got down to the final 98 I had a colour plan of the blocks and. It them out specifically, this took extra time.

Armed with all of my blocks made and took them and all of my pins to my local community centre where I spend my Wednesday afternoons with my this that ‘n chat group. I laid out all of the blocks and then rearranged a few until I was happy with the mingling of the colours. Photos were take and I then pinned the blocks in their positions and brought them home. Over the past week I have been slowly putting these blocks together.



Today was the final countdown, with only a few rows to sew I went to my Tuesday quilting group and sewed the final few rows, it is now a pieced top. I will be putting a thin border around to help rest the eyes.

The next stage is to load this onto my quilting frame. I am going to hand quilt this and am hoping to have it done by our local quilt show in start of May.


This has been a wonderful and fun quilt to do, I have enjoyed every stage of this quilt journey so far.

Day full of cooking and sewing


I have just taken these out of the oven. These are a favourite snack I my household although one daughter prefers them without the sultanas. They are the perfect snack for a coffee or to put In the lunchbox. They can be frozen and taken out from the freezer when needed, they could also be nice warm with a dollop of cream or ice cream for dessert. Whilst I was making this batch I decided I would share my recipe with you. So here it is:-

Apple sultana scone scrolls

3 cups of self raising flour
About 3/4 to a cup of vanilla low fat yoghurt

Mix these ingredients until a soft dough is formed. Knead a little until smooth on a flour dusted bench top. Roll out to form a rectangle to a thickness of about 1/2 inch thick.

Spread a thin layer of butter over the rectangle, then sprinkle with brown sugar over the butter and then lightly with cinnamon. Cut an apple with skin on into small 1/4″ cubes and sprinkle over top of rectangle then sprinkle a few sultanas over this.

Then roll your rectangle up so it forms a long sausage. Cut this into 16 slices and bake in a oven on top shelves at 200 degrees Celsius for 12 minutes.

Let cool on a rack or enjoy straight from the oven.


These two blocks are on their way to Queensland to be made into a quilt to be raffle of to raise money for drought relief in chinchilla. I made these from fabrics from my stash. I also made today another block which is to be made into a wedding quilt for a friend as she never received a wedding quilt.


Thanks for reading and I hope you can enjoy my recipe as much as I do


all the very best for everyone,
Please visit me again,

wendy Gontier