Marsupials and Monotremes Blog Hop! And Giveaway!

Look at the gorgeous colours in the Amazing Range of Fabrics!

Yes, Its here again! Did you hear my squeal of delight?

When I opened this parcel, for me to participate again with Blog Hop. We are celebrating the release of the latest range by Amanda Brandl and hope you have been following all of the other bloggers on this hop.

I love a challenge, and I couldn’t resist this little opportunity. I knew exactly how what type of quilt I would make using this range of Australian Animals and Floral.

For those who have followed me for a little while will know I have an obsession with the Creative Grids Hexagon Trim Tool. You can find a tutorial here  I am always looking to find other combinations ways to create and showcase fabrics with this excellent tool. This time I decided to create an eye spy quilt. Initially I was only making a small quilt but fell totally head over heels so I added borders to make the centre fabrics float and pop! Now Hubby is claiming this quilt to rest on his chair.

Cutting of Hexagons

Eye Spy blocks about to be created

I received 30cm of each piece of fabric in the range. There are total of 20 fabrics in the Marsupial and Monotremes range, 10 being florals and 10 Fabrics consisting of Wombats, Echidnas and Platypus, these fabrics look so divine with each other.

Off to my creative space with my rotary cutter, my hexagon trim tool and my normal ruler and these fabrics I set about cutting hexagons and strips ready for sewing. Once the Hexagons were all sewn and laid out I proceeded to sew the rows together. These look hard and complicated but its really an easy simple process.

Blocks made ready for joining

One Row complete

Once the rows were assembled I couldn’t help but take a photo on the line before the basting and quilting process took place.

Auditioning the Aurifil is such a delight

My Bush Beauties Quilt measures 80″ squared and was quilted using 3 different 50 wt Aurifil thread colours on my domestic machine using free motion quilting. I love to quilt new life into a quilt top and bring out different aspects of the quilt by creating shapes and textures in the shapes of the quilt top. It could be made smaller with less or no borders or larger with wider borders of the addition of plain hexagons in the middle.

So without any further of ado I will leave you with some photos of the completed quilt. Please scroll on down and look at the photos don’t forget to leave a comment as I have a little giveaway of the leftovers from this quilt. It will be enough to make a small quilt with added fabric or a mini. Just be sure to leave a comment and I will make the draw on the 6th of February with an announcement here.

To see the full blog tour schedule for this Australian Animal Collection, and to find a stockist nearest you please visit or visit plus you may wish to visit my you wish website for purchases of fabric and the quilt kit, pattern and trim tool to make your own Bush Beauties Quilt.

who doesn’t love a multi coloured binding

and here it comes

Out for a swing with some friends

a glimpse of the back

Lastly I must say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of my supporters and family and friends. Special thanks go to Amanda for the wonderful designs and the opportunity to work with you. Also to Kennard and Kennard for producing wonderful fabrics and for having awesome service. Thanks also to Aurifil Thread Australia for you wonderful service and threads.

So until I announce the winner of the blog hop prize from this blog post, have fun, stay safe and keep on creating and smiling,


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