Slow stitching feathers on Sunday


Oh how I love to hand quilt! I actually can’t think of  many other pastimes I would rather be doing on a Slow Stitching Sunday and that is why I am linking with Kathy here.  I started on the second feather and am happy to say that I actually reached my goal and completed it.  
I threaded all of my needles and left them on the thread and only cut when I needed the next needle, this was such a time saver as I didn’t have to keep threading needles, it also gives my needles a good rotation.  I am also happy to announce that my blog is being listed with Quilt Qua now.  It is a great site with lots of quilty information for everyone.  Please take a look.  As for me I will be continuing stitching the rest of my Gelato now.
until next time continue to enjoy life

Inspiration is everywhere


Don’t you love it when little things can spark and bring on big ideas?

For me I only have to look to my garden to get inspiration for colour and shapes

I just love these Callistemons.
Not only do they give a wonderful shape and texture the little birds feed on the nectar in the flowers.
I am often intrigued watching a little bird hanging on the flower eating the nectar as the small branch bends.

Then there is the colours of the new leaf tips on these wonderful plants and ther shape as they just wisp there way out of the plant.

Then you can’t go past a wonderful sunrise with the gorgeous colours emerging within the sky.
So what inspires you to create? Leave a comment I would love to know.
Until next time, keep creating,

Fun with my stencils


Last week I watch a wonderful YouTube tutorial by Lillian Hedley on how to draw feathers After watching this turtorial I drew this feather for my miniature Gelato.
I thought I would share how I make my templates and transfer to my quilt as there have been a few questions about templates and making them on our Facebook group
I have been using freezer paper of recent times, previously I used template plastic.  First I draw my design on the freezer paper and then cut out the shape

After this point I then cut out certain sections leaving the template still holding together but with enough holes so I can transfer my shape to my quilt

Once I have it looking like this I then pin to my quilt and then proceed to transfer the design by tracing around the outside and the holes in the template,  I use a slither of soap for this but you may use a pencil if you prefer.  I use the soap as it removes easily and it makes your quilt smell nice as you work on it

I then fill in the different lines from the markings I have on my quilt to get this so then I can start quilting

I hope you have enjoyed how I do my stencils, please leave me a comment on how you do yours or if you will have a go and do a stencil for yourself now.
Until next time

Slowly making progress with Gelato


I was hoping to have more of the little gem quilted by now,  I have lost a bit of quilting time due to my hubby finishing my desks hutch.  It is now in and is in place, I just need to reorganise everything.  It was a mammoth effort to get it into the house as it is quite large and will be perfect for our storage of books and other supplies.  We had to remove the light fitting in the area to enable us to put it in place as it goes all the way to the ceiling.  I am so thankful to have a wonderful man to build my things for me.

You can see all to the area we have now it is wonderful.
So I was only able to quilt on Gelato for the evening and not most of the day as I had planned, I have left the rest of the sorting of papers to tomorrow as I needed to quilt.
I did proceed with Gelato and managed to almost quilt another little border.

Here are some more photos of my little miniature

I am linking this to and also
So come over and check out everyone’s posts for the day, you never know where you may find inspiration.
Until next time enjoy your projects what ever they may be,

Hand quilting Gelato


I had to go away this week so I decided to take my hoop and “Gelato” with me.

With all of my Aurifil Mako 28wt threads and my John James needles packed and my hoop I was all set, I managed to do quite a bit whilst away.  I have been enjoying the quilting on “Gelato” so much that I am continuing and will finish it before I return to quilting my “Love Calms the Seas” quilt which is on the frame.  

 As you can see I am making progress on this lovely little quilt
I am hoping to be able to complete her over the Easter break.
Hoping to be able to share the finished quilt in the next few days, until then I will continue to enjoy my handquilting,

Quilting Waves into "Love Calms the Seas


Now that my storm at sea which is known as Love calms the seas is on the frame

Quilting could now commence, I managed to finish the border quilting yesterday 

It was time for some Sunday stitching to form the waves
I decided to do two rows of quilting approximately a 1/4″ apart and then about and inch apart mimicking the curving which is formed within the pattern of the quilt.  I decided the waves of the green section would go one direction and the blue section would be quilted in the opposite direction, giving the illusion of a storm at sea.  The plan is to make the hearts which are embedded within the quilt pattern to be calm and still, hence the new name, “Love Calms the Seas”

  I hope you all have a wonderful slow stitching Sunday

 All the very best and have a wonderful week