Beginning another quilt for pantone colour of the year challenge



I have begun the challenge! I love a challenge and when I discovered that this was to include this colour I was excited. Reason being is I already had the fabric for this challenge. I was planning on making a quilt from this colour. Fabric was just sitting on my shelf!

So the search was then on to fine the perfect block to highlight my fabric, I searched high and low over the internet and in my resources at hand. I eventually found the perfect design from quilters cache. So after a quick email and confirmation that I could use Marcia Hohn’s block I began the workings of the fabric placement.

Now time is drawing near and I need to have this top made this week. I cut all of the pieces bar the centre square as I am not convinced of which fabric to use. So with every other piece cut I am about to head to the sewing machine with tray in hand to create.


Hope you can check back in tomorrow and watch my progress

Have a great day



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