A lazy Sunday at historic Harewood


On Sunday I was lucky enough to spend the day in one of the oldest homesteads in our district. Hardwood of Toorradin was built in 1865-8 on a sandy hill On the shores of Westernport bay. It is a unique home which is still lived in today and has kept its charm of yesteryear.

.This was an open day to raise money for our local hospital which is mainly used as an aged care facility, palliative care and a sleep clinic for babies and parents. It also has a medical clinic and other facilities such as a men’s shed and a community garden which involves students from the local secondary college and men from the men’s shed working together .

There were lots of volunteers from people manning the gates and car parks, to cooks in the kitchen. I was asked to attend as a volunteer showing craft work from the era. I am a crocheter and do fine work so I to do some along as a display and also did some crocheting for them all to see.

There was a constant flow of people throughout the historic home with lots of people fascinated, we were entertained by a Scottish fiddler, bagpipe and drummers playing wonderful Scottish jigs to keep us alive with the times.


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