Strawberries, spiders and more!



Well these lovelies were picked yesterday from the garden strawberry patch, the smell of fresh strawberries are just so alluring, I fact there were a few that made it into my mouth before they could go into the container. These were used with my chocolate cake which I made for my daughters 21 birthday. She came home for dinner and we had a lovely lamb roast also.


These are my lovelies for one of my next quilts to be started on. This is a quilt along by Michelle Foster and it is called delightful stars. I am hoping to be able to start this in the coming week, I have two blocks to make to catch up with the others. I will let you see the blocks and the mock up as I go along.

This piece was cut up today and has been placed in my Celtic solstice mystery by Bonnie K Hunter of quiltville. I now have all of these pieces cut and plan on being able to sew some of these pieces this week at my craft groups on Tues morning and Wednesday afternoon. It will be good to get back to these groups and back into a normal routine.

This is all of the Celtic Solstice cut and in its box ready to sew. The colours remind me of a sunset sitting there in the box, I almost can’t wait to see it come together.

The spider fabric reminded me of our wonderful comic relief from aiming for accuracy fb group so I just had to take a photo of it and post it on the wall. She had an encounter with a spider whilst in her sewing room this week. I don’t have a fear of spiders, in fact I love watching a spider spins it’s web, they are just so precise and amazing. Well this go me thinking of my favourite spider, this spider I have seen since my childhood and I always love going for a walk in the paddock and see them with their webs between. The trees and bushes.

This is a very colourful spider with a very hard shell. It has spikes on it and is also known as the Christmas spider. Most people think of spiders as ugly and scary but this one especially this one.

Well preparations are well under way for my daughters birthday celebration next week. We are having family and friends to our home to help us celebrate. This week I will be cooking a few extra things and some will be bought. But the most important thing to make will be the birthday cake. I think I will try and make this on Monday morning and freeze it so that it can be cut into the shape and iced ready for the party on Saturday night.

This weekend will see the final stage of my kitchen change before the party. We have changed refrigerators and now have a larger one so hubby is building a little cupboard in the old cavity and it is looking good. I have a couple of shelves with my canisters fitted already along with my whiteboard to write any notes, shopping list or messages on. I just need the lower shelf I to put the coffee tea etc on plus the bread box and the toaster the I think we are all set.

So until my next check in with all of you I hope you have a fabulous weekend wherever you are in the world and that you stay safe, warm or cool whichever is appropriate to you.

Happy days,



2 thoughts on “Strawberries, spiders and more!

  1. Yes, Wendy that is quite a different spider than any I have seen. Still don’t want to become buddies with it. I love what you share of your family life and the quilting endeavors you are involved with. Hope to see some “as you go pictures”

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