Australia Day 2014


A big G’day to all my mates out there!

Well another January 26 has come around! We have had a great day although I didn’t make it to any celebrations with friends or family. It was good to know that my mum was at her home and well rather than in hospital. I have been playing catchup with the housework and the reorganisation of the house today.

As my daughters are sharing in a house in the city we have given them some of our furniture leaving gaps all over the place which I am figuring out how to store some of my things, we did buy a new larger refrigerator and gave them our old one. This has meant that hubby has been busy putting shelves and my whiteboard in my old cavity where my fridge once stood. I did have a shelf with all of my canisters on above my bench-no more it has gone. I will have to wait until tomorrow for the remainder of the cavity to be finished. I am glad I have a wonderful man who can do all of these bits and pieces for me.

I am looking forward to going to the airport in the middle of the night to collect my daughter and her boyfriend, they have been holidaying with his family in Bali for the last 12 days. Although we speak over internet it doesn’t replace having her here with us. She enjoyed her flight over there and I am sure she will on the way back, she has always wanted to fly into the city at night.

If all goes well tomorrow I will return to my sewing if storm at sea. I really am looking forward to having this quilt pieced all together by Friday. I know it was our special day so. I did enjoy my vegemite on toast for breakfast, with a tomato and onion roll for lunch and a lamb with rice meal for dinner. You can’t get much more Aussie than that.




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