Comic relief is helpful


Well, this post has been a long time in the making, Christmas and new year have come and gone. Hubby has returned to work. So why haven’t I got more of my quilting done? I ask myself again as I ponder with my coffee.

Let me see, firstly we had an extremely hot week with record temperatures in our state, was a bit hard to do anything without an air conditioner. My daughters signed a lease to a house which they will be sharing, are helping them furnish it so we have been doing ute loads to the house and lots of shopping. Due to the hot weather hubby was home early every day. I was then getting into things when my mum became unwell and I needed to help her a bit more until she has been placed in hospital to recover.

I continually visit my Facebook groups to do with quilting and sewing, it is with great delight I read the posts and look at all of the quilts everyone is making. This encourages me and then of course I read a post from Alex Gee which always brings a laugh and often a huge belly laugh will occur. In the middle of her wonderful comment there will be assurance that no bourbon was involved. She is our wonderful comic relief, so when the stresses of life are happening I always have a look at this page to bring a smile to my face.

Although I haven’t met a lot of you, your personalities ring home with the comments and most of my groups make you feel like you are in a community with like minded people. This gives lots of opportunities to share in a love of what we have.

What I have done is have my storm at sea quilt top at about 3/4 finished. I will complete the top by next Friday and hoping to have a good go on a few of my other projects.



I have also enjoyed having to be able to pick veggies from my patch, I have included a photo of my storm at sea, the photo with all of the fabrics will be used in a quilt I am hoping to start next week.

Until next time keep on quilting and enjoying life,



4 thoughts on “Comic relief is helpful

  1. Cheryl Warren

    Great Blog Wendy and yes where would we be without our Alex and her Bourbon of course would be nice if she shared her bourbon with us all. Go Alex and well done Wendy.

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