Kookaburras annoying the willy wagtails


Yesterday as I was quilting I heard a raucous in the back verandah.   On inspection I found the willy wagtails were attacking the Kookburras.   It became evident thry were just protecting their young chicks in the nest. The kookaburras continued to stay in the garden and get their dinner from the worms and grubs around the yard.

I did manage to complete the rag quilt.  Elephant frolics amongst the flowers.   It will have a wash this morning and be ready for tomorrow’s delivery.

Yesterday seemed like a non productive day but looking back I did achieve quite a bit. I also managed to complete another 14 blocks for Heathers quilt and prepare another 28. 

I have completed 166 from 399 so I only have 233 to complete.   I am hoping to complete all blocks before Christmas so that the top can go on my frame in January to be quilted.  

I love hand quilting as it is very therapeutic for me.   I have a quilt on the frame which requires enough stabilizing quilting to be done so that I can remove it and place my storm at sea on to quilt.  I am hoping the handquilting will give enough love to calm the troubled seas.

Today I also plan on doing quite a bit of my Celtic solstice mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter.  I have only cut out a small fraction. I am planning on working on it for about 1 hour each day.  This should keep me in the loop with the others so I do not fall too far behind.  I have decided to only do the small quilt as I am planning on making 2 others this year which are King size quilts.

Come and check in tomorrow for pictures and to see how my progress is going

All the best for  your day


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Waiting for summer


Well it seems our weather has turned back in time and returned to winter.  I do know we are only at the start of summer but really this is a little ridiculous.

As I await our warmer weather I have continued to be hard at work sewing with Gretal (my machine).  Together we are working on a storm at sea quilt.   This will be given to my daughter as she leaves home to go to University next year.

I am using the freezer paper foundation method.   And as usual I am enjoying the process.  I have about 1/3 of the quilt blocks made.  Today I completed 10 and have about another 10 almost complete.  


It will have 4 hearts at each corner.  I have sewn all of these blocks so it is a matter of making the other blocks in the random greens and blues. Hoping to have a good day tomorrow and complete a lot more.

Till next time keep on keeping on.

Elephant frolics amongst the flowers



I am just loving the way this little quilt has come together.   I normally handquilt but have enjoyed this rag process.  The design is a little different to others.   It is one I have designed myself, I am thinking of putting pen to paper and writing the pattern out for this one. I am titling this elephant frolics amongst the flowers